Philosophy of Activities

Branson R-IV Philosophy of Activities


The stated mission of the Branson R-IV activity department is to operate a well-defined consistent program within our budget that supplements the learning process for all involved, has a definite purpose with accomplishment, projects a positive image to the public, and has the reputation of being well-managed. The program is committed to developing the highest type of sportsmanship, fostering of proper attitudes toward winning and losing contests, and respecting the rights and feelings of all contestants.

We want our programs to consistently compete for championships, as a result of intense physical and mental training, and strong character development. 

Teaching students to compete by trying to do their best and to do better than others in any worthwhile endeavor, be it in the classroom or on the athletic field or court, is educationally sound. Only when winning is over emphasized to the point that it results in a loss of sight of the educational and recreational values of competition should it be criticized. The desire to win should be used to stimulate the achievement of the ultimate objectives of extra-curricular activities.

This department is committed to developing in students the drive for perfection, team play, and fair play. Competition provides not only tangible rewards, but also opportunities for instilling intrinsic values as outlined in the following diagram:  
As a part of the educational process, the Branson R-IV activities department is interested in the development of the total student and in promoting competitive activity as a portion of the total educational program.
The Activities Department operates within the guidelines of the Missouri State Department of the Elementary and Secondary Education, the Missouri State High School Activities Association, the Central Ozark Conference, and the policies, rules and regulations of the Branson R-IV School District.